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PC-3000 Training

You purchased the PC-3000 data recovery system to further help your customers.  If you have never used the system before, the learning curve may be steep. Then my PC-3000 Training is what you have been looking for!

I offer customized training to get you started with your new investment.  We will discuss where you are in Data Recovery and then determine the best plan for you.  Whether you are a seasoned data recovery specialist who wants to get a better understanding of the system or if you just purchased the system and want to go from the ground up we can help.

The training is conducted via TeamViewer® and Skype® and is offered as a pay as you go service.  This ensures you receive only the training you need or want at a price you can afford.


  • Learn using your own PC-3000.
  • Learn and Earn Money as you recover your hard drives.
  • Training is conducted in English.
  • No Travelling
  • No Hotels
  • Training on your time, on line and when you need it.

Topics Covered:

PC-3000 Utility

  • Selecting the correct utility for the correct drive
  • Backing up Hard Drive firmware, ROM and Service area
  • Diagnose and Repair Critical Modules
  • Editing Head Maps to disable non-functional heads
  • Imaging data from functional heads before head exchanges

Data Extractor

  • Using Data Extractor with the Utility
  • Optimizing imaging processes
  • Selectively select data and image only what is critical
  • Develop customized Templates to speed up the imaging processes
  •  Recover Data Quickly and Safely increasing your ROI
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